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Two weeks to opening

It's not like we've never thought of having a plant shop before. Steve first mentioned it two years ago, but we just weren't ready for the commitment, and frankly, there was a pandemic on. This time, when the opportunity arose, we didn't hesitate. That was a month ago. Since then, we've drawn up a bid for the shop, held our nerve while we awaited news, and tried not to get too excited about the idea. Two weeks ago we were given the go ahead. We have designed branding, bought insurance, registered as a plant retailer, made banners and signs, opened accounts with wholesalers, sorted bank accounts and book keeping, set up our social media, built a website (or the beginnings of one anyway), been to the wholesalers, visited nurseries, mixed compost, sourced display materials, negotiated our tenancy, carried plants back and forth and back again, labelled till we're labelling in our dreams, arranged, rearranged, cleaned, swept, watered, sprayed. The to do list is still enormous, but we're in, we have plants, we have already made sales.

We would like to thank the manager, the Board and all the staff and volunteers at Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre where we are based, for the opportunity, for their patience, help and encouragement. And also a big thanks to Claire, previous owner-but-one of The Green Yard for her generous sharing of information, hints and tips. We know without all of you, we wouldn't and couldn't be doing this.

See you soon

Becky and Steve


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