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Is it too soon?

I see people have started putting up their Christmas trees. Is it too soon? I'm not judging. If a tree brings you joy, put it up whenever the heck you like. But I get a bit fed up of it if I put it up too early, so I aim for about a week before Christmas. And when you're a retailer, Christmas starts round about the end of July when you're planning and buying. So by the time I get to Christmas I'm a bit Christmassed out if I'm honest. But I do like the decorations.

But then comes the actual decorations. Do you err on the side of minimalist, or are you full on gaudy? Are you an anything goes sort of person or do you stick to colour schemes and themes? I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I'm obsessive about colour co-ordination in life as well as Christmas, so a riot of baubles is likely to send me a bit crazy, but we have an eclectic collection of tree decorations we've collected or made over the years - handmade, beaded, glass, felt, wooden. Each one has a special memory or attachment, or is just lovely in it's own right. I try to remember to buy or make a new one each year. Sometimes I push out the boat and buy two.

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