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Who are we?

After decades of gardening and plant obsession we couldn't resist the Green Yard. So when it became available, we jumped at the chance to take up ownership of it in May 2022.  

Becky and Steve

We are both Leeds born and bred and have spent much of our lives living in Headingley, so we know the local community and many of our customers personally.  And we have both been involved in the HEART Centre, where we are based, since it opened in 2011, as staff, volunteers, tenants, collaborators and customers.  So having a shop there selling our favourite things - plants - is a dream come true!  


The Green Yard cares about plants and cares about customers.  We want to supply good quality plants that people can afford.  We are committed to being peat free in any of our products that we have control over.  In England there will be a ban on peat sales to private gardeners and allotments in 2024, but we aren’t waiting around for that law to come into force. We will never sell peat-based compost, and any plants we cultivate ourselves will be in peat free compost. We hope that the law on peat based compost will be extended to the horticultural and food growing industry sooner rather than later.  We feel this is really important to the survival of the planet’s peatlands and the diverse species that peatlands are habitat to.  But we also know that peatlands are one of the world’s greatest storers of carbon.  We feel it is vitally important that they are preserved and not destroyed for the convenience of gardeners and the horticultural industry.

We strive to reduce, reuse and recycle any plastic as much as possible.  We sell compost in plastic free bags, and run a pot swap scheme, so you can leave your old plant pots and swap them for another pot, rather than sending them to landfill or even recycling.  We try to package in plastic free packaging as much as we can.


The Green Yard stocks an ever-changing range of houseplants such as Schefflerers, Yuccas, Calatheas, Pachiras, Monsteras, Peperomias, Alocasias, cacti, succulents and air plants to name a few. 

You can purchase small quantity packs of peat-free potting compost - perfect for potting up houseplants - and other gardening sundries.

The outdoor plant selection is much greater in the Spring and summer, when there’s always some perennials, shrubs and alpines.  In the winter there’s a small selection of evergreen shrubs for sale.

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