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About Us

The Green Yard is a small plant shop in the heart of Headingley, Leeds.  We are based at HEART Centre, Bennett Road, Leeds LS6 3HN.

We stock a good range of houseplants and outdoor plants.  We also stock small bags of compost – easy for you to carry home with your shopping and enough to pot up a houseplant.

Find out more about us here.


Opening Times

Mon-Sat 9am-7pm

Sun – currently closed on Sundays till April.

Our Products

Plant Care



We stock a good range of Houseplants, from tiny to cacti and succulents to large 'statement' plants.  If you have a space on your shelf, your desk, or your window sill, we're sure to have just the thing to fill it.

Most of our houseplants are fairly easy to care for.  You can find further information about individual plants in our 'Looking after your houseplants' section.

We also have small packs of specially formulated houseplant compost.  All the compost we sell is peat free and we are committed to using peat free compost in any plants we propogate ourselves.  However it may be some time before we see large commercial growers where we purchase plants using peat free compost. 

Our outdoor plant range varies according to season and availability.  We currently have a small selection of shrubs.


Looking after your plants

Our motto is 'Right Plant Right Place'.  Inspired by gardening giants such as Beth Chatto and Geoffrey Smith, we believe that the best way to garden is to find the plant that will survive in whatever conditions you have, rather than trying to force your plants to do something they really don't want to.  Whether you are gardening outdoors or tending your plants indoors, we want our plants to thrive after they've left us. So we will be building a guide to what conditions your houseplants, perennials and shrubs need.  Please do visit again when we've got that up and running.

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